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Welcome to my website. My name is Annette Ellis and I am a Level 5 qualified Clinical Reflexologist. I offer a clinical reflexology service specially tailored to suit each individual client and their particular needs. I am also trained in Reiki and Indian Head Massage.

All of the products I use are 100% vegan and certified not tested on animals.

I am based in Talbot Green which is close to M4 junction 34. There is plenty of car parking space nearby as we are located directly opposite Llantrisant Retail Park, a minute’s walk from Talbot Green bus station providing excellent bus links from locations including Tonyrefail, Cardiff, Llanharan, Llanharry, Caerphilly, Church Village, Pontypridd and Bridgend.

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What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is a holistic therapy based on the theory that different points on the feet, lower leg, hands, face or ears correspond with different areas of the body.  It is most commonly performed on the feet. Reflexologists use their fingers and thumbs to exert gentle pressure on specific points on the feet. As a result treating the feet can have a relaxing and healing effect on the whole body.

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6 days ago

Annette Ellis Reflexology

Association of ReflexologistsIt's Father's day in the UK on Sunday and it also Men's Health Week. What better time to book a reflexology treatment for someone you love.According to statistics on mortality compiled by Men's Health Forum, men are more likely than women to die prematurely. In England and Wales, 19% of all male deaths were aged under 65 (compared to 12% for women) and 38% of all male deaths were aged under 75 (compared to 26% for women. ...

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APPOINTMENTS AVAILABLE. Head Massage is a holistic therapy that has been practiced and developed in India for 1,000s of years. It has evolved from Ayurveda; meaning “life knowledge”, the science and wisdom of life. This ancient healing system is based on the principle that health isn’t just the absence of disease. It aims to balance mind, body and spirit and encourage the body’s natural healing ability. Restoring balance and harmony of mind, body and spirit improves health and wellbeing. This state of balance is known as ‘homeostasis’. Ayurveda recommends the use of a number of practices in order to “live well”. Massage is amongst these practices. ...

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7 days ago

Annette Ellis Reflexology

Dr Mahlon Locke was a Canadian physician who attracted international attention in the 1930's with an unusual therapy. Through a process of foot manipulation, popularly known as "toe-twisting," Locke seemed able to relieve many intractable cases of arthritis as well as a variety of related afflictions. Sufferers flocked to his clinic in Williamsburg, Ontario and, at the height of his fame, he was tending literally hundreds of people each day. Dr Locke's interest in foot manipulation began during his Edinburghdays. Along with the usual lectures, students were taught that certaindeformities, such as fallen arches, could be corrected manually.Unlike his colleagues, however, Locke came to believe that foot manipulation the posterior tibial nerve which, in turn, created a chain reaction of pain and posture problems elsewhere in the body." The cause of incorrect alignment might be congenital deformity, trauma, or infection but often the arches would collapse simply because a patient had risen from bed too soon after a bout of flu. With the muscles and ligaments insufficiently toned to support the weight of the body, the arches were vulnerable to damage. Locke reasoned that by restoring the correct position of the tarsal and metatarsal bones, pressure on the nerves and blood vessels would be eliminated and associated problems would disappear gradually.In 1932, Rex Ellingwood Beach, a novelist, was visiting friends inOttawa when Locke's work was brought to his attention. Prompted by curiosity and painful arches, he decided to investigate the claims made for the therapy. Like many others, Beach left Williamsburg with his pain alleviated and his doubts quelled." "After five treatments," hewrote, "I came away with my insteps arched like a cat's back and I now have the aristocratic feet of a duchess." Attendance at the clinic reached new heights after Beach published an article about Locke in the August 1932 issue of Cosmopolitan Magazine. Contemporary . estimates of the size of Locke's practice after 1932 vary between 1,000 and 2,500 people per day. Dr Locke at work: "Twenty seconds usually sufficedfor a complete manipulation."Text taken from: Mahlon William Locke'Toe Twister' by BARBARA CLOW ...

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